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Aaron Katz, REALTOR®

Phone : (617)-784-7382
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Aaron.Katz@ProactiveRE.com

Through years of youth sports and hard work while growing up in the Berkshires, I learned that honesty, integrity, sincerity and dedication were the keys to long-term success. After graduating from UMass-Amherst and beginning my career in Boston, I applied those lessons learned during childhood to the real world. Today, I have more than 19 years of experience in real estate ranging from buying multi-family properties and renting them to multi-unit condo conversion projects and a plethora of other residential rehab and re-sell projects. As the broker and co-owner of Proactive Realty and the co-owner of a real estate investment company, I bring a wide array of experience and knowledge to what I do every day. I truly look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your real estate goals.

Jeremy Gavin

Phone : (781) 843-7255
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Jeremy.Gavin@ProactiveRE.com

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Chad Coury, REALTOR®

Phone : 617-481-9600
Fax : 617-910-2510

As a child growing up, and throughout my early professional years I learned that good values and a strong work ethic were the keys to success. Many of these values were ingrained in me at an early age when I began swinging a golf club alongside my father at the age of 2. I was taught that the game was one built on honor and integrity, and hard work. I began applying those important lessons from an early age and leveraged them while getting my business degree from UMASS, Amherst. After graduating I moved to Boston where I worked as a marketing professional for 11 years and had the opportunity to do business with many household brands that you probably know. From those experiences I found that honesty, sincerity, and open communication were the foundation for building healthy relationships. All big factors in achieving our goals in life. I truly look forward to developing a positive relationship with you and achieving your real estate goals.

Erik Sveden

Phone : 978-337-0890
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Erik.Sveden@ProactiveRE.com

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, running my own business has been a lifelong goal, and real estate has always been a passion.  After serving 9 years in the military, earning a degree in business and aviation science from BSU, and 30 successful years of leadership in the corporate world, the opportunity to fulfill my goal and complete my career in the real estate industry presented itself.  I have a lifetime of experience helping people and businesses find solutions to overcome obstacles and reach their objectives. I’m excited to work with you to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Mike Yerardi, REALTOR®

Phone : (978)-239-3017
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Mike.Yerardi@ProactiveRE.com

Mike is a lifelong resident from MA with a business degree from Assumption College in Worcester, MA. As a real estate professional Mike has extensive real estate knowledge that can help everyone from first time home owners to seasoned investors and landlords. as A licensed agent Mike is dedicated to helping you with all of your real estate needs be it large or small.

Bruce Haslehurst, REALTOR®

Phone : (508)-222-6385
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Bruce.Haslehurst@ProactiveRE.com

After graduating from Bentley College and working several years in the high tech manufacturing industry in various operational, plant management and business development capacities, I am excited to be working in the real estate industry.  I always had a desire to work for myself and after providing for my family over the years and college tuition for three children, I am finally able to enjoy self-employment.   I am finding that my managerial, customer service and people skills that I have perfected over my business career are truly beneficial in providing a positive and honest experience to my clients.  I look forward to assisting you with your real estate needs and building a long term relationship.

Mike Sheehan, REALTOR®

Phone : (781)-589-7751
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Mike.Sheehan@ProactiveRE.com

Real estate has always been a hobby of mine. After 30 years in the corporate world, I have decided to start a career in real estate. A long-time friend and I will be investing in real estate full time while also working as a real estate agent.

Mike Olivas, REALTOR®

Phone : (774)-573-5665
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Mike.Olivas@ProactiveRE.com

With a background in finance and investments, it has always been a dream of mine to work in the real estate industry. While attending college, I enlisted in the United States Army, where I truly learned the values of leadership, commitment, loyalty, and teamwork. Upon my return from my second deployment to Iraq, I completed my Master’s degree in accounting at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and worked for over six years auditing military contracts on behalf of the Department of Defense. I moved to Massachusetts in 2011 and embarked upon a career in real estate where I am following my passion to own, invest in, and sell real estate. My diverse background and experiences have prepared me to achieve these goals and I look forward to working with you to help you achieve yours too.

Shane Borman, REALTOR®

Phone : (617)-839-3362
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Shane.Borman@ProactiveRE.com

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Shane grew up playing in many sports including ice hockey and baseball.  Shane has a track record of success by applying his work ethic and knowledge to the task at hand.  Whether it was personal sports, career goals, or personal goals, he has been able to exceed expectations.  He listens to his customers and works together with them to help them achieve their goals.  Shane lives in Walpole with his wife a two children.

Tonja Morrison, REALTOR®

Phone : (617)-694-7964
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Tonja.Morrison@ProactiveRE.com

Tonja Morrison has been involved in the New England real estate market for the many years in several different leadership roles and associated industries.  Tonja grew up in the Boston area and has been a lifelong resident of Massachusetts having raisied a family and launching a real estate career as an agent and property investor. She and her family are active in local athletics, community theater, and she enjoys spending time at the beach and being an avid New England sports fan.

Michael McCormack, REALTOR®

Phone : (508)-963-5800
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Michael.McCormack@ProactiveRE.com

Michael has an extensive background in real estate and lending, having spent time working on the real estate sales, investment and mortgage sides of the process. Michael’s background gives him a unique perspective and allows him to better help his clients achieve their real estate goals. He works closely with his clients' financial planners, attorneys, and accountants to help provide an exceptional experience. He resides in Marlborough with his wife Rachel, kids Sadie and Marshall, and rescue dog Teddy.

Christina Green

Phone : (781)-664-3385
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Christina.Green@ProactiveRE.com

Born and raised on the South Shore, Christina always knew her passion was to help people.  Christina graduated from Northeastern University with Bachelors of Science degree, where she started off her career in corporate childcare. She directed three successful centers and served over 3,000 families for 13 years. In 2013 she joined the real estate world and enjoys working closely to help each individual met their needs. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, time in the Cape, and being an avid fan for her children’s sports life’s. She is a Girl Scout leader and School Council member in Holbrook where she lives with her husband, two children and dog.

Michael Shea, REALTOR®

Phone : (781)-831-2182
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Michael.Shea@ProactiveRE.com

Mike is a life-long resident of MA graduated from Northeastern University School of Business in Boston. As a real estate professional, Mike has extensive real estate knowledge that can help everyone from the first-time homebuyer to the seasoned investor. As a licensed agent, Mike is dedicated to helping you with all of your real estate needs, large or small.

Patrick Davison, REALTOR®

Phone : (508)-299-9643
Fax : (781)-843-7254
Email : Patrick@ProactiveRE.com

Patrick is a hard working and highly motivated individual, always going the extra mile to get the job done. His education in IT gives him a technological advantage in the modern world of real estate, and his experience from the hospitality industry allows him to provide a top class service for his clients. With a focus on investment properties, Patrick is dedicated to using his knowledge to help his clients build wealth, and achieve their goals with long term success. Originally from Ireland, Patrick lives on the Cape and when not working, can usually be found playing soccer in Boston, hiking a trail in the woods, or relaxing by the fire pit with family and friends.